The Artists

The ART-thing network consists of artists of all categories of performing arts. Many of the artists have been joining the network for years and new members are welcome to join regularly. All these artists are truly a diverse group of expressive and creative professionals.

What they all have in common is that they are artists with body and soul. They permanently improve their programs, performance and costumes and they have a very high standard of quality.

They work closely together in a collaborative spirit all the while respecting the ultimate event goals. They are proud of being part of the ART-thing artists’ network.


The Manager of the artists’ network ART-thing is Peter Loder, a well-known musician and dramatic advisor. Peter founded the pool of artists and has since been developing and improving the concept. For the past few years he has been assisted by Amrei Schmitt, a successful show gymnast.

ART-thing is responsible for defining the quality standard within the network. The team supports experienced artists as well as young professionals. For the ART-thing customers this long-term experience based on the artist’s specialization, means a very high level of advisory skills and planning reliability.